Thursday, February 3, 2011

PERSUASION by Jane Austen (✰✰✰✰)

I did not enjoy this Austen as much, but it could simply be that I read it on the heals of Sense and Sensibility, and the plot contains many similar elements: dashing con man, financial woes, dissimilar sisters. This one did have an interesting twist in that the main couple had been involved many years before, and one is left wondering if their love can be revived. Austen also explores the theme of persuasion from outside influences having detrimental influence upon the hearts and lives of young people in love. As this is an element in many of her novels, given that it was common for the youth to bow to the wishes of their elders, it was very interesting that she explores the topic through the characters in this tale, thus giving insight into her personal view.

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