Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reading Goals for 2011

Last year I read fifty books; as it was the first year I kept track, I have no idea if that was a lot for me, or a little.  This year I have set a few benchmarks that I hope to attain with regards to my reading.

  • 50 Book Challenge: Despite having a number of longer reads on my short list, I hope to reach fifty books read.
  • Pick a Year Challenge: I want to read twelve books published in 2005.
  • Long Book Challenge: I want to read 4,000 pages from books 600 pages or longer.


  1. That's ambitious. I've seen the books you read, they tend to be on the chunky side.

  2. This year I am really mixing it up. My books so far seem to be about 300 pages or in excess of 500 (I have just missed the 600 page minimum for the Long Book Challenge on a couple of them). That said, I do have a couple in excess of 1,000 for this year. One I am very enthused about: The Great War For Civilization, and one my husband says I will love: Atlas Shrugged.

    Unbelievably, I have already read fifteen this year, so if I putz through a couple longer ones, I think I might still make fifty. I am also tracking pages and audio hours this year, just for fun. It is easy to hit fifty books, but how many pages were they?