Review Policy and Disclosures

Review Policy:

I will accept both paper and electronic galleys and ARCs from publishers and agents. Reviews are posted on numerous sites such as Amazon, Shelfari, Goodreads, etc, and are linked with Google search. I review a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, but the following will not be accepted: graphic crime, paranormal, and erotica.

If you are hoping to independently publish-and have not previously been published by an established house-I will only consider reviewing your work if you are an Alaskan author, your book is set in Alaska, or it would be of interest to those living in The Last Frontier. ALASKAN AUTHORS: It would be my pleasure to help spread the word about quality writers in our state!

Disclosure Statement:

I do not receive compensation of any kind for the reviews which I post. Unless otherwise noted, all pre-publication books come to me in e-galley format and disappear off my Nook 55 days after I download them. Other books are purchased by me, a family member, a friend, or are library copies. All opinions are strictly my own, honestly given to the very best of my abilities.

Every book which I commit to read for a publisher will have a review posted. If I do not like a book (or worse), publishers are not offered the choice of the review being withheld. That said, I have a pretty good knack for picking books that I will find worth my while, and even if I do not like the book I try to annotate which audience I think would enjoy it. One thing that is an undeniable truism among readers is that one person's five star book could very well be another person's one star-and vice-versa.


  1. As the author of Alaskan-based adventure ICE ISLAND (Random House, January 2012) for readers 9 - 13 yrs., I'd like to offer a complimentary book (and signed!) to the first 10 teachers who contact me and who are using IditaRead in the the classroom this season. ICE ISLAND is the story of two kids who get lost in a freak snowstorm during a training run with their sled dogs. The pair must rely on each other--as well as their faithful dogs--to survive subzero temperatures and bone-numbing exhaustion.

    Can you share this with your teacher friends?

  2. Hi,
    I am writing to ask if you would care to read and review the latest in my ‘Jill Garvin’ series of psychological mysteries – The Memory Plot. The Jill character is based on my years working as a mental health community counsellor in London. My American publisher views this novel as an 18+. I disagree, but I’m English and spent a lot of time with seriously disturbed people so maybe it’s just me.
    There is more information on my website or on the Amazon buying page if this is required.
    Tag: Jill is beginning to recall memories of the time her husband and daughter were killed in a road crash but somebody needs them to stay forgotten.
    D.W. Carver
    Published by Musa, Boodoz8qcc, 268 pages